MCHE By-Laws


This organization shall be known as the

This organization shall have continual existence as long as there are members who
agree to maintain the association.

1. The primary purpose for which this organization is formed is to benefit its
membership, constituents, and community
at large through the under girding of one another as each home schools their children,
training them both educationally and spiritually. The foundation for the organization is
Jesus Christ; the goal is knowledge, understanding, and wisdom; and the basis is the
Holy Scriptures.

2. The general purposes for which this organization is formed are to foster the
encouragement and support that
each family may need in their home schooling efforts; to share in the resources that
each family may find helpful; and to present a positive image of home schooling to the
general public at large.

1. The Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God.
2. God has existed from all eternity in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and
God the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, was God come in human flesh being
fully God and fully man except without sin.
3. Man is by nature sinful and is inherently in need of salvation.
4. Christ’s death provides substitutionary atonement for our sins. He literally rose bodily
from the dead.
5. Salvation is offered as a gift – free to the sinner. This gift must be responded to in
individual faith, not trusting in any personal works whatsoever, but the sacrificial death
and resurrection of Jesus Christ alone.
6. Children are a heritage from the Lord entrusted to parents to train up in righteousness;
for His glory.

Membership: The members of this organization will comprise all those who voluntarily
join, agree to participate, and pay their dues. Only members who agree with the
statement of faith will be eligible for election to the offices or positions found in the By-
Termination: Membership may be terminated voluntarily by individuals or involuntarily
by action of the Advisory Council in cases where any member is in non-compliance with
the spirit and intent of this organization’s stated purposes. A 4/5 vote of the Advisory
Council shall be required to recommend termination of any member under
this provision. Such a recommendation will be referred to the membership at large for its
agreement. A simple majority vote of the membership at large will be required to
terminate membership.

The organization will meet a minimum of 3 times per year. During a spring meeting,
elections will be held for the offices becoming vacant that year. Those elected will take
office effective June 30 after a turnover has been completed with the person being
replaced. Special meetings may be held at the call of the Coordinator or the
Advisory Council with two (2) weeks notice to the entire membership.

The Officers shall be composed of Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, Secretary, and
Treasurer. Each officer shall hold office for the term for which he or she is elected. The
job descriptions for all office positions will be maintained by the Advisory Council and will
be given to the officer as they assume their positions.
Term: The term of the elected officers shall be 1 year. No one may serve more than two
consecutive terms in the same position. All officers shall be required to sign the
Statement of Faith showing they are in agreement with it prior to the spring elections.
Election Procedures: The Advisory Council will nominate officers and present them to
the membership for approval by a simple majority vote of those present .
Vacancies: Vacancies among the Officers shall be filled by appointment.
Duties of Elected Officers: The Coordinator has the overall responsibility for program
planning and execution during the elected term. All officers and appointees report to the
Coordinator. In addition, the Coordinator will provide to the Advisory Council end of year
status reports on association resources, finances, and public image. These reports will
normally be prepared by the Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Coordinator,
respectively. The Coordinator will also report on the overall effectiveness of the
organization in meeting its stated purpose of fostering encouragement and support that
each family may need in their home schooling efforts.

Membership: The Advisory Council shall be comprised of five (5) voting (See Voting
below) and ten (10) total (See Qualifications below) members from within the
organization. The Council shall be responsible for nominating persons to serve and
these shall be elected by majority vote of all the membership. All Advisory Council
members shall be required to sign the Statement of Faith showing they are in agreement
with it prior to the spring elections.
Qualifications: Minimum qualification for members of the Advisory Council shall be
male heads of households and their wives with children who are currently being
Voting: Issues requiring a vote will be conducted by family unit. Each male head of
household will cast 1 vote for his family unit.
Advisory Council Officers: The Advisory Council shall elect its own Chairman and
Secretary prior to the beginning of the new term. The Chairman shall schedule and
determine the agenda for all meetings of the Advisory Council.
Advisory Council Action: Unless noted in the By-Laws, all proposals submitted to the
Advisory Council shall require a simple majority vote to prevail. Only those prevailing
proposals which are recorded in the minutes and available for distribution to the
membership will be considered actions of the Advisory Council.

Term: The term of Advisory Council members shall be three years.
Vacancies: If any Council member elects to step down before completing the three year
term, the Council will decide on the appropriateness of replacing that member or waiting
until the summer rotation before taking action.
Election of the Advisory Council Members: During the spring election meeting,
vacancies to the Advisory Council shall be filled. Nominations can be made by any
member of the association and by the Advisory Council. Following the close of the
nomination period, all nominations will be reviewed by the Advisory Council.
Nominations will be submitted to the membership in attendance with runoff elections
conducted during the same meeting until replacement member(s) for the Advisory
Council has been selected. The election of members of the Advisory Council
shall be administered by the Secretary of the Advisory Council, or by another member of
the Advisory Council if the Secretary has been nominated for reelection.

Purposes: The purposes of the Advisory Council include:
be accountable to the By-Laws keep the support group and its officers accountable to
the By-Laws welcome prospective members to the organization and review the By-Laws
and purpose statements; solicit input on needs the new members may have
address all issues that may be brought before it by the elected office holders or the
membership at large meet at least two times a year to review the organization and its
achievement of its purposes and goals recommend amendments to the By-Laws as
necessary encourage elected office holders and membership at large to faithfully carry
out their duties

The Treasurer shall keep thorough records of all expenditures and receipts. In addition
to the Treasurer, the Coordinator or the Assistant Coordinator may also sign checks.
Only those expenditures approved by the Coordinator shall be made by the Organization
subject to Advisory Council’s review.

Supervision of children during association activities is the exclusive responsibility of their
parents. Unless specifically authored in writing by the Advisory Council, no child care,
either paid or volunteer, will be provided by the Meridian Christian Home Educators.

The Advisory Council may later amend, revise, add to, repeal or rescind these By-Laws
and/or adopt new By-Laws by a ¾ vote of the membership in attendance, provided that
notice of the proposed alteration, amendment, revision, addition, repeal or recision of the
By-Laws or adoption of new By-Laws shall have been given at least thirty days
preceding the appropriate meeting.

If the Meridian Christian Home Educators should ever dissolve, the Advisory council
shall submit at least three options for asset disbursement to the entire membership for
their vote.


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  1. Gwen Sisson says:

    Sylvan offers a fabulous ACT prep class all ONLINE from the comfort of your home school. Would like to send information for the school board to pass along to your families. I can send attached to email or send hard copies in US mail.
    Sylvan Center contact 662 328 9067 or 662 328 9009

    Thank you,
    Gwen Sisson, center director

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